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Sleeping System

Carico’s luxurious Ultra Tech Silver Collection Sleep System is the result of years of research and testing and is the only orthopedic, hypo-allergenic sleep system that you can adjust to four different comfort settings. This innovative mattress is made from the finest materials and adapts to the shape of your body in every position, keeping your spinal column in perfect alignment. Perfect for the back, side and stomach sleeper. The special foam promotes ventilation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our state of the art “EMF Silver Shield” eliminates harmful EMF radiation from TVs, cell phone chargers, computers and even the power lines in your walls. Plus our optional grounding system helps neutralize free radicals to give your body the rejuvenating rest it deserves. With all of the unprecedented features and the life enhancing benefits they provide, it’s no wonder this product is in such high demand. Exceptional Warranty available.

Easy setup

With our vacuum “factory sealed” pure sleeping system you can rest assured it’s bacteria free and will easily fit through tight halls and doors.

  • Air ventilation channels/breathable
  • Dissipates moisture
  • Warm in winter/Cool in summer
  • Silver weaved removable, washable, replaceable cover
  • Adjustable Ultra Core mattress and pillow
  • Hypoallergenic and Orthopedic
  • Removable, cleanable cover
  • Protects against dust mites and bacteria
  • Protects against electromagnetic fields
  • Evenly and uniformly supports your weight
  • Maintains proper spinal alignment
  • Does not sag
  • Does not transfer your weight to partner
  • No toxic off gases/odors
  • Delivered fresh, pure, sealed
  • 21 year warranty
Ultra Tech Silver Collection

10 Layer Sleeping System is the most advanced sleepingsystem in the world!

It starts with the inner core…

Carico’s orthopedic sleep system adapts to the shape of your body to ensure your spinal column remains in proper position. The uniquely designed inner core is constructed out of 2 layers of Elio-cell foam with 2 different densities which shape to the human body.

The Casing…

The Carbon Fabric that surrounds the entire case, along with the Electromagentic Silver Shield, protects you from any harmful electromagnetic fields.

The Open Cell Memo-Temp Layer releases pressure points on the body and enables improved blood circulation while also allowing fresh air to enter the mattress.

The latest non-toxic, laboratory tested, durable fire retardant layer. You rely on Carico’s flame retardant to provide sage protection for you and your loved ones without off gassing or subjecting you to dangerous chemicals.

The Clima 3D Air Chamber contains tens of thousands of fibers creating tiny air chambers which allows the mattress to regulate your body temperature, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Grounding System

Carico’s Carbon Fabric encases the entire core of the mattress to provide the highest level of protection.

Carico’s Silver Shield gives you the same healthy grounding effect that Mother Nature does if you were to walk barefoot on the beach.

Just plug it into the grounding contact in your outlet and the Silver Shield will protect you from the unhealthy dangers of electro magnetic waves, reducing stress, giving you a deep restful, invigorating sleep.

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