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    • Client Image

      I purchased two large and three small air filters. It was one of the best purchases that I have ever made! I have four dogs, and my house has no odor whatsoever!! It is truly AMAZING! I also purchased the "Whole House Water Filter." My water, which previously was undrinkable, now tastes like bottled water. I also purchased the "grounded sleep system." After only two weeks, my aches and pains have virtually disappeared! I previously woke up four to five times a night, but now, I sleep all night!!! Last but not least, the representative who sold me my products was extremely knowledgeable, personable, and delivered the best service of anyone with whom I have dealt!!! Products arrived expediently, as pictured, and as expected. All items worked just as MDR had explained in detail. Unlike most purchases, this purchase has been TOTALLY stress free thanks to amazing products and equally amazing service from MDR.

      • Steve D.
    • Client Image

      Love my new sleep system bed! It has really helped get rid of all my aches and pains! Would definitely recommend!

      • Runa D.
    • Client Image

      The best decision we ever made purchasing the cookware, air purifiers, and water filters. We immediately noticed a difference with the air purifiers. My husband has bad allergies to our dog and he can now relax comfortably in our home. The cookware makes cooking easy and we can stop wasting money on water bottles thanks to the water filter system.

      • Pamela P.
    • Client Image

      We just recently purchased a Carico mattress from MDR, we were very skeptical because we didn’t try it out. We had been looking for mattress for a few years had purchased and returned a few. My Husband and I could not agree on one. I am absolutely astonished we are both loving this mattress. You wil truly have the best night sleep it is amazing. After reading all of the health benefits I can’t wait to see how much we enjoy it more. My only complaint is I don’t want to get out of bed.

      • Meg W.
    • Client Image

      Carico mattress is by far the most incredible bed ever! Don't forget the amazing pillows too, I promise you will travel with it! I would take my bed on vacation with me if I could. Thank you MDR!!!

      • Elisa W.
    • Client Image

      Excellent product! I purchased a home air purifier. I have suffered from sinus / allergy issues all my life. Since purchasing the purifier my issues at home have been practically non-existent! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. They’ve always been available to help and answer questions. I would definitely recommend doing business with them to anyone.

      • Joseph P.
    • Client Image

      I have their 23 piece cookware and absolutely love it! I’ve never experienced so much flavor before! The material is amazing and is so easy to clean! The company also has quick customer service and is really helpful!!

      • Nora K.
    • Client Image

      The Sleep System is one of the best investments I have ever made! My daily headache upon waking is non-existent! I can wake up and feel completely rested with less sleep. My foot pain from plantar fasciitis is gone! My all-over arthritis pain is gone! I no longer have to wear my dental guard to sleep in - I no longer grind my teeth at night! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

      • Victoria M.
    • Client Image

      The water and air filters are amazing! Since our Home has pets, clean air and water are a must, especially with our allergies. They installed everything quickly and even helped us replace them when it was time! Highly recommend!!

      • Toni T.
    • Client Image

      We had the water system installed and we love it! Immediately saw a difference in our laundry and our skin.....the best part was though....we got a notice on our door from the city “boil water” notice. With the system in we didn’t have to worry about that at all!

      • Robynne R.