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Juice Extractors

Juice Extractors strengthen your immune system and improve the way you look and feel… even how long you live! Experts love Nutri-tech and agree that many health problems are related to diet deficiencies.

Simple to Use – Easy to Clean

in just a few minutes, give your family health delicious juice

Powerful 6000 Rpm motor with Patented Speed Control

extracts the maximum amount of the purest, pulp-free juice possible.

Advanced Design and Superior Quality

is precision built using European technology for a lifetime of dependable service. UL approved and CSA certified.

Experts Agree

Most Health Problems Can Be Related to Dietary Deficiencies

“The more fruits and vegetables people drink, the less likely they are to develop cancer or other serious diseases.”

  • Dr. Greenwald, Director of Cancer Prevention at the National Cancer Institute

“Fresh juice helps eliminate or prevent many health problems. Juices health nourish and revitalize the blood stream. They are the re-generators and builders of the body!

  • Drink Your Troubles Away, Dr. John Lust, Nutritionist/Researcher

limited time


In the unlikely event that anything malfunctions with your Nutri-Tech® Juicer, Carico International, Inc. agrees to replace it for a lifetime at one-half of the retail price at the time of replacement.

10 Year Warranty
If within 10 years from the date of purchase, this Nutri-Tech® Juicer fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, Carico International, Inc. will repair or replace it. Simply ship back prepaid with $18.00 for processing, shipping, and handling. (one Year when used commercially), plus proof of purchase.

Warranty repair service is available by simply returning the Nutri-Tech® Juicer to the address listed.

The stainless steel blade/basket has a full one year warranty, however it will eventually need replacement depending on usage. Simply call Carico International, Inc. for replacement costs.

This limited warranty does not apply to any part or component that has been subject to misuse, neglect or accident, or altered in any such way that it’s performance is affected.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights which vary from state to state. Products returned to Carico under this warranty must be sent via prepaid freight to Carico International.

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