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Food Storage

The most effective and versatile vacuum sealing and marinating system for all food types.

Why Ultra Vac?

Oxygen, the vital component of air, is indispensable for all forms of life. However, it causes foods containing fat to go rancid, facilitates fermentation, and causes unpleasant odors and flavors.

Marinate in Minutes

Ultra-vac’s unique, vacuum-sealing process actually causes marinades to be absorbed in minutes. The vacuum process opens up the tiny pores and fibers in meats, poultry, fish and vegetables, to allow the marinade to penetrate easier.

Carico International, Inc. agrees to replace any component that may become ruined or destroyed accidentally, for one-half of the suggested retail selling price at time of replacement.

This product is warranted against any defects in material or workmanship for a lifetime. Carico International, Inc. will require a processing fee of $5.00 plus a nominal shipping and handling fee per piece. This warranty does not apply to any product or component damaged in transit or due to misuse, neglect or accident or altered in any manner.

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