What to Expect

The MDR Healthy Home Show is a live event hosted by a certified MDR representative.

If you are invited:

Please arrive 5–10 minutes EARLY, seats may be limited and the MDR Healthy Home Show will begin at the scheduled time. If you are not on time, you will not be allowed in the event and you will not receive your promotional gifts for attending.

The event is scheduled to last approximately 60 minutes.

The MDR Healthy Home Show is designed to be both fun and educational. It is also designed to showcase and advertise our product line. It is a lot like a cooking show that you may see on TV. What makes the MDR Healthy Home Show better than a show on TV is that you get to see it all live with no video edits and you get to taste what we cook.

At the end of the event you will have the opportunity to sit with a MDR representative to discuss all of the different MDR products, registry plans and purchase options available to you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING TO RECEIVE THE ADVERTISING GIFTS.

Promotional Trips

NONE of our vacation packages are 100% FREE. They do require the travelers to pay ALL transportation costs, port charges, resort fees, gratuities and taxes. (Taxes and hotel fees vary by location.)

For more information on how we can afford to give these items away, please visit the Promotions page on our website.

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